My Open Source DJ App Development Journey

My Open Source DJ App Development Journey

I believe there are developers like me who have never developed an app in their lives. I am a backend developer who loves coding and solving IT problems in my daily life, but I have to confess: I don’t really like building frontend, especially an app. On the other hand, sometimes a thought comes to my mind: “You need to develop an app before you die :)”.

Many years passed with this dilemma in my mind until I discovered Flutter! As an old guy who developed screens with Java (and even Clipper) a long time ago, Flutter was perfect for me with its technique to build screens without worrying about HTML and CSS (yes, I use HTML and CSS when needed, but it’s boring!).

The next step was to decide which store the application would be available on. Being an open-source enthusiast, the decision was easy:


For those unfamiliar with F-Droid, it is a catalog of FOSS (free and open-source software) applications for the Android platform.

The development phase was very easy and fun. In a short time, the app was completed. The longest process was opening the merge request with the F-Droid Gitlab team. It is necessary to follow all the rules for the app to be compliant, but nothing too complicated or scary. The F-Droid team is very helpful and posts comments on each item that needs correction within the merge request.

The app is in beta and extremely simple, but you can listen to music with nostalgic beats spanning various genres, including techno, house, breakbeat, jungle/drum & bass, synth-pop, industrial, rock, soul, disco, funk, and more.

DJ Edertech Screenshot

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See you on the next journey!